Squeemote 1.1 now available

23 January 2009 Squeemote 1.1 now available

Squeemote 1.1 was finally approved by Apple this morning and is now available in the iTunes store. This is quite a hefty update with a number of new features, improvements to existing ones and numerous bug and performance fixes. h3. Changes in this release * Added support for browsing Music Services and Internet Radio stations. * Improved handling of music service and internet radio streams on the now playing screen, including displaying the correct artist/album/title/artwork for music service tracks. * Squeemote will now automatically discover your server. * Added support for server authentication and improved the layout of the initial setup screen. * Reduced initial startup time. * Improved display of album tracks when browsing music library. * Artists list now respects "ignored articles" server setting when sorting. * Added "clear playlist" button to current playlist screen. * Improved responsiveness of volume slider control. * Added "disable auto-lock" setting to prevent device from going into standby. * Numerous bug-fixes and performance/reliability improvements. There are a few outstanding known issues mainly relating to Squeemote no longer picking up changes from the server after coming out of standby. These will be resolved in 1.2 which is progressing nicely and will hopefully be submitted to Apple in the next week or so. h3. New Squeemote website I'm also pleased to announce that Squeemote now has "it's own website":http://lukeredpath.co.uk/squeemote. It's not quite finished yet but I believe in releasing as soon as possible. Look out for a Help/FAQ page over the weekend.