Software development and consultancy services

My business - LJR Software - offers a range of app development and consultancy services, from short-term consultancy through to longer term development projects.

From my Colchester office, some of the services I offer include: Ruby / Ruby on Rails development, iOS development for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch in Objective-C and Swift, testing and test automation consultancy.

Ruby on Rails development

My Rails experience dates back as far as the pre-1.0 releases. With over ten years of experience in developing Ruby on Rails applications, I can work quickly and efficiently without any compromise on quality. Whether you have an existing project that needs assistance or starting from scratch, I can turn your ideas into working, quality code. As well as Rails development, I also offer general Ruby development services.

iOS app development

I've been writing Objective C and using the iOS developer frameworks since the original launch of the iOS SDK back in June 2007. I launched my first app -- Squeemote -- back in December 2008. Since then I've worked on numerous iPhone and iPad apps for various clients as well as releasing several open source libraries.

I specialise in connected apps that talk to web services and can also help you with the backend development for your app if it requires one.

Please note: all development services are charged at a standard daily rate. An additional rate applies for on-site work, with the exception of the first week of any project which is charged at my standard rate. Alternatively, development can be charged at a fixed cost per-iteration (typically 2 or 3 weeks). Contact me for information.

Consultancy services

As well as application development, I can also offer a range of consultancy services, helping you create a plan to turn your ideas into reality. I can guide you towards the best approach for your app and recommend the best technical approach that makes sense for your project. I have particular expertise in test automation and can consult and advise you on the best way to write automated tests for your Rails and iOS projects, including helping you get up and running with your first automated tests, setting up a continuous integration and build environment and mentoring for your team.

Getting in touch

If you're interested in hiring my company, the first step is to drop me an email with a basic overview of your project. I don't need detailed requirements at this stage - I just need to know what your project is about, what (if any) timescales are involved and a rough idea of your budget.

Here's some things you need to know:


I'm currently fully booked through to April 2020, but please don't hesitate to drop me an email now to start discussing your project requirements.

My time can be booked several months advance so it can help to contact me early. If I'm unable to help, I may be able to point you in the direction of somebody who can.

Charging Basis

Generally, my time is charged at a fixed daily rate or at a fixed cost per iteration if that makes sense for your project. I don't usually work on fixed-price contracts - this doesn't often fit well the agile, iterative development style in which I work - however I am sometimes able to accommodate this requirement for shorter-term projects and consultancy work with tightly defined scope.

Clients will sometimes ask me to work on-site. Generally speaking, my services are performed from my own office with on-site attendance only where necessary. The nature of my work means its not usually necessary for me to be physically on-site except during the early planning stages of a project or for certain meetings. If a client does require me to work part-time on-site I am happy to discuss this however I do charge a higher rate for on-site work to cover my additional costs, except for within the first week - I am always happy to work on-site in the planning stages of a project at my standard rate.

Contracts and non-disclosure

All contracts will be between you the client and my company, LJR Software Ltd, a VAT registered company. All prices will be quoted excluding VAT and VAT will be charged where appropriate, depending on your location.

I have a standard Master Services Agreement that all of my clients sign - I can provide you with a copy of this on request.

Please be aware that I do not sign non-disclosure agreements up front. Any discussions prior to any contracts being exchanged will be in the strictest confidence. My standard Master Services Agreement contains confidentiality clauses and I will also be happy to sign your own NDA in addition to this if you prefer, once we've agreed to work together.

Agencies and recruiters

If you're a recruitment agency, please be aware that I do not usually accept roles through agents. You are welcome to get in touch with me if you feel you have a specific role that might be suitable to my skills, but any general emails or enquiries into my general availability for roles will be ignored. Please do not add my contact details to your mailing list or candidate database without my prior permission.